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Name Location Date of Death
GEORGE BAYESFCIR-11-33-16B10/21/1925
GEORGE BOSWELLFCIR-11-33-13A2/25/1908
ROBERT GULTCHFCIR-11-33-13C11/5/1908
PETER HAGANFCIR-11-33-14A5/6/1910
HENRY KRAUSFCIR-11-33-16A1/16/1923
JAMES MILLERFCIR-11-33-13B3/28/1908
ANDREW RASMUSSENFCIR-11-33-12B12/27/1943
THOMAS SIMMONSFCIR-11-33-12A5/10/1933
WILLIAM SLOCUMFCIR-11-33-14B3/27/1918
ANNA WEIDEMANFCIR-11-33-12A2/17/1944