Full Price List at Cedar Grove Cemetery

Prices of graves, plots and niches are furnished upon request. Generally, grave prices range from $18,000 to $20,000 each, dependent upon location and availability. Each grave can accommodate three caskets. The prices of niches in the Columbarium Park begin at $3,000 per niche.

In accordance with New York State Not for Profit Corporation Law, the 2023 prices below have been approved by the State Cemetery Board. All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

As required by law, this is the full price list and it may seem daunting. In addition, not all services are available to each grave or plot as rules may apply that are not apparent from looking at the price list. We urge you to be in touch with our office so we can assist you with any question you may have and we can cater the options to your family's needs.

Perpetual Care Endowments:Price
Single Grave$3,453.00
4 Graves$6,908.00
6-8 Graves$10,208.00
Larger Plots - based on 8 grave ratePro Rated
Each bench in family plot$487.00
Each planted grave in family plot$681.00
Each ornamental shrub$681.00
Enclosed Plots - Additional 50% of basic Lawn Plan Endowment
By estimate only - Minimum Endowment$25,671.00
Grave Opening Price List:Price
3 deep - 1st Interment (Adult)$2,381.00
2 deep - 2nd Interment (Adult)$2,160.00
1 deep - 3rd Interment (Adult)$1,980.00
Children, Amputations (Max 4'6") and In Ground Ashes$1,210.00
Niche entombment, includes inscription$1,210.00
Sunday Interment Rate$240.00
Canopy Rental$239.00
Change of Order$86.00
Overtime - per 1/2 hour or fraction thereof$96.00
Sunday Interment Rate$240.00
Holiday rate additional charge, to be distributed among funerals$3,351.00
Mausoleum Entombment:Price
1st tier above floor$1,386.00
Each additional tier$265.00
Underground crypts$1,412.00
Seasonal Care:Price
Adult Grave - Planted$82.00
Adult Grave - Lawn Plan$68.00
Child's Grave$68.00
Care of Family Plots - Lawn Plan:Price
4 Grave Plot$127.00
6 - 8 Grave Plot$181.00
Larger Plots - Based on 8 GravesPro Rated
Each planted grave in Family Plot$29.50
Each Ornamental Shrub$11.50
Each Bench$16.25
Enclosures (Half) Family Plots - additional 25% of Lawn Plan Rate
Enclosures (Full) Family Plots - additional 50% of Lawn Plan Rate
Hydro Seed Graves:Price
Single Grave$68.00
Family PlotsDiscounted 40%
Planting Options:Price
Monument Yews$244.00
Enclosure Yews$125.00
Spruce Blanket$53.00
Per square foot or fraction thereof Click here for 2023 Foundation Pricing$206.00
Raising and resetting footstone$50.00
Inscriptions / Supervisory Fee$80.00
Reset Monument/Double Stone$177.00
Triple Headstone$263.00
Reset Single Headstone$95.00
Repoint Single Headstone$48.00
Repoint Double Headstone$88.00
Repoint Triple Headstone$88.00
Composite Bench (move for burial)$50.00
Cleaning Monuments:Price
Single Headstone$105.00
Double Headstone$137.00
Family Monument$167.00
Oversize Monument (larger than 5')$223.00
Miscellaneous Outside Work:Price
Removal of Post/Pipes (per linear foot)$92.00
Removal plant material (per linear foot)$43.00
Curb (per linear foot)$66.00
Cement - sidewalk (per sq. foot)$23.25
Removal of Entrance Sill (per linear foot)$87.00
Mausoleum Construction:Price
Supervision Fee$625.00
Excavation - Per cubic foot$12.25
Foundation - Per cubic foot$24.00
Mausoleum Key$71.00
Without Foundation (3 Deep)$1,676.00
Without Foundation (2 Deep)$1,583.00
Without Foundation (1 Deep)$1,460.00
Add to Remove Single Foundation$360.00
Add to Remove Double Foundation$720.00
Document Recording:Price
to Memorialize a grave$36.00
Reservation/Cancel Reservation$36.00
Certificate of Title$60.00
Picture of Gravesite$15.00